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Men's Fashion Trends

Everyone wants to look stylish and hot during the spring summer season. However, I want to highlight the hottest menís fashion trends below; Iíll start from the feet and work our way up.

Menís Fashion Shoes Ė The hottest fashion of shoes to wear for the new spring summer season is once again the Boat Shoe. If youíre thinking about summer fashion, then youíll have to get yourself a pair of boat shoes or even some low ankle boots.

There are lots of brands who are offering a boat shoe in their collections. If youíve got cash to spend on menís fashion footwear then Ndc Shoes are about the best available. Ndc shoes are always made to the highest quality and popular in the menís fashion trends. A cheap design option would be the Sperry Topsiders which are available in a number of different styles. If youíre looking for boat shoes from the high street then Top man have a selection for a reasonable price.
Comfortable Socks Ė As far as exciting socks go, these are top of the tree. These Scandinavian feet warmers have been a huge success in the brands launch. The range is wide, with polka dot, fine stripe, and bold stripe and pretty patterns all coming in a rainbow of different colors. Whatís made these so successful is that the socks are both exciting and cheap.
Best Jeans of New Trend- I really struggle to find decent jeans to recommend, my recent favorites denim brand is Acne. So taking into account Acne rising prices, my recommendation of this season is Nudie Jeans. Nudie seem to offer the best selection of fits, washes and all for a price which doesnít break the bank. The best thing about the summer is that you donít need to spend a fortune on new jeans, simply get your old ones and cut them off as shorts, the shorter they are the braver you have to be to wear them!

T-shirts Ė Guys seem to find this a bit tricky to pull off, not sure why really! Get your self a plain white over sized t-shirt, roll up the sleeves, and even stretch the neck, if its one that sits to high. If you can find a oversized t-shirt with a decent print, then even better (be careful with printed t-shirtsÖthey can look a bit Neff!

Sunglasses Ė If youíve got cash to spend then get you some Tom Ford shades, doesnít matter which one, I havenít seen a bad pair in his collection yet. Obviously the fusionistís favorite menís fashion sunglasses, the Ray Ban Wayfarer is a real winner, you may still find a vintage pair of these beauties, but youíll have to look hard and probably travel far.
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