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How to Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Do you find yourself at the edge and canít help but agonize over it every time you head for a steamy lovemaking session with your partner? Well, premature ejaculation is a common problem that plagues most love lives and most men have a tough time battling this untimely urge. Most men dream of marathon sex, but fizzle out way too soon, leaving their partner lusting and little satisfied. Agreed, most guys put in their effort to last longer in bed to please their partner, but not often do they manage to travel those extra miles.

Before you fret over rushing through things too soon, it is important to understand that premature ejaculation is all too natural and at times inevitable. However, with a little experience and antics, you can prolong the pleasure and last longer in bed. Here are some expert tips to help you run a marathon in bed. Read following
Natural Ways to Last Longer In Bed:
  •  It doesnít take a voracious desire or inexhaustible intensity to last longer in bed, but a little understanding of a womenís mind and more control over your own self to stay up and get going. Hold your ejaculation and masturbate, possibly fantasizing of womenís orgasm, till you get a real high. The trick is to withhold your ejaculation as long as possible.

  • It is easy to get into the heat of the moment and give in, which may not be the way you would want it to go.

  • If you feel you are all set to explode, trying this simple trick may help you stay in the game longer. The moment you feel the urge to yield, hold your penis and pinch the tip, pressurizing the urethra which is a tube running along the underside of the penis. Doing so will drive the blood out of the penis and pause your ejaculation for a while.

  • Sexual response usually entails four different phases - excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. The catch is to realize what you enjoy the most and where you tend to lose control. Rating your sexual response will help in this matter. However, donít try to overrate yourself, as this will only cause unnecessary stress.

  • Certain exercises can help you to last longer in the game. Kegel, for instance, is one of those exercises that actually boosts control by playing down on the muscles that power ejaculation. You can feel those muscles when you stop urinating half way through and start again, repeating the process until you sense pressure in certain muscles of your penis. The muscle that feels the most pressure is the one discussed here. Once you have found your muscle, you can practice Kegel almost anywhere, any time. Just stiffen your muscles and hold for a count of 10, then release. This will surely boost your sex life like nothing else.

  • Another possible cue to keep up for long is to play on rather than get into her. Just press the head of your penis on her clitoral tip. Donít enter. Hang on there and linger at the most sensitive endings. When you finally engage into having intercourse, concentrate on small movements than big thrusts. Itís best to take things slow and penetrate just a few inches inside her vagina than get into it completely.

  • Brush off an early ejaculation with a second power-packed round and attend to her heightened arousal. That definitely implies not falling asleep after a quick emission. Studies have shown that men last much longer in the second round, as the will to please has subsided by then. With a little practice, you can pull off the show in the first round itself.

  • Buy it or not - positions do help to last longer in bed. ĎFace meí position is your bet, if you wish to stay up and long. When she is riding on top, you penis is likely to be less stimulated. Thatís because women tend to take it lightly and at their own pace. This will cause less stimulation and help you last longer in bed.

  • The best bet to last longer is to not think of it. Itís seen that the more we think of it, the faster we yield. The cue is to evade from all thoughts on it and just live in the moment. This is likely to bring both you and your partner greater levels of satisfaction.

  • If all else fails, a quick trip to a doctorís chamber can help you get over your problem. Studies have proven that most men have benefited after ingesting 20 milligrams of Prozac a day for a week and 40 mg thereafter.

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