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Types Of Swimming Strokes

Swimming is a sporting workout activity that involves multiple distinctive kinds of strokes. Well, a swimming stroke is nothing, but a specific manner of moving your arms and legs, so as to push your body forward against the water. There should not be much of water splashing, while performing your swimming stroke, so as to make sure that your forward movements are going smooth and are not jerky. Read further to explore information about different swimming strokes…

Here is information about the various types of swimming strokes:
  • Butterfly Stroke: it is the toughest and the most exhausting swimming stroke, encompassing windmill like arm movements and dolphin kick. While performing this stroke competitively, the swimmer should avoid underwater swimming.
  • Breast Stroke: this is one among the different swimming strokes that involves arm movements on the front side, from your head to shoulder level. It is the frog kick that can be associated with this stroke. The swimmer should keep his/her head above the water surface, while carrying out this swim stroke.
  • Crawl: flutter kick and alternating over arm movements are the features that characterize crawl-swimming stroke. While doing crawling, the swimmer has to keep his head in the water, alternating the face side.
  • Sidestroke: scissors kick is a distinguished feature that explains the movements of sidestroke. This underwater stroke involves the pushing of your body in the forward direction, keeping your body on one side.
  • Backstroke: This stroke involves alternate over the head arm movements and flutter kick.
  • Freestyle swimming: it gives you the liberty to use any swimming stroke you want to, while carrying out your swimming workout session.
  • Dog paddle: it is one of the simplest swimming strokes, making use of modified flutter kick. In dog paddling, your forward motion takes place with your arms underwater.
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