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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is the compulsive use of illegal drugs or various over the counter or prescribed medications. Drug abuse can be seen in those who have an incessant need to use an illegal narcotic or medication. Essentially what happens in the instance of drug abuse is that the body becomes dependent on a particular drug; it can be a depressive drug or a stimulant that increases activity in the body. Drug abuse cannot be categorized with those who use medication in a routine manner.

Instead this is when the use of drugs becomes more intense in nature and causes issues with the person taking the abuse. Drug addiction has many different risk factors that can move the progression forward.  Some of the main factors are pressures or stress, body reaction, or various social factors. In instances of pressure, the user might take drugs to help them relax or give them a specific feeling that can only be achieved that way. If the pressures of life persist the drug use might persist as well and increase. 
When the body repeatedly comes in contact with a substance, it often develops a tolerance which in turn makes the feeling harder to achieve and causes the user to increase in drug amount. Other issues like social activity might also have an influence on the drug abuse.  In situations where drug are used recreationally, there might be more exposure to them or an increase in the usage. Once someone shows signs of drug addiction or admits to serious drug abuse, it is important to seek proper medical attention for drug addiction recovery. There are a couple different types of drug addiction recovery programs that can be sought out. The most well know forms of treatment are 12 step programs which gradually work with the drug user in order to wean them off of their drug abuse.
Gradually work is often helpful because those coming off of drug abuse suffer withdrawals when their body begins to crave more drugs. Another method used in drug addiction recovery is that of a therapeutic community. In these types of communities, drug uses come together to move forward towards a cleaner life.  Less frequently there are occasions in which medication is used in weaning drug users off their drug of choice; this is because there is a fear of a new addiction being formed. Drug abuse can be detrimental on various levels in a personís life.  The usage of drugs can lead to problems in relationships, familial issues, issues at work, and issues with the law. Drug addiction recovery facilities often have options for helping the family has a whole work towards understanding and reconciliation. The support of the family is important when it comes to drug addiction recovery, because it allows the drug user to know they have support and not alone.  If someone is showing signs of drug abuse, it is important to get the medical attention.
Sex Addiction: A sex addictís mind will be consumed by the thought of having sex and various other sexual practices. This consuming thought will distract them from work and can often lead to issues when regarding family.  For those in a relationship with a sex addict, there might always be this sexual tension on the one side and can lead to frustration and hostility; in some cases the sex addict will leave conduct extra-marital affairs in attempts to satiate the sexual hunger.
Besides extra-marital affairs, Sex Addiction can also lead to other risky sexual practices like anonymous sexual partners, one night stands, unsafe sex, engagement in prostitution, and in some cases forceful sexual encounters like rape.  These behaviors are risky to the general health and well being to the sex addict, as well as, being potentially dangerous for the spouse.  Less risky sexual behaviors that can also be attributed to sex addiction are the increased use of pornographic stimulants, masturbation, and occasional exhibition. Often the Sexual Addict with turn to the Internet to engage in Cybersex or find ads for sexual encounters that they can pursue.  When it comes to the availability of resources around us, the sex addict has a number of different avenues to continue seeking fulfillment for their addiction.  However, some of these avenues can end in legal issues and various other types of trouble. Like many other types of addiction, Sex Addiction can be treated once the addict comes to terms with the sexual addiction and admits that they have a problem. 
Sexual addiction can be treated through different methods like self help groups. There are a number of self help groups in which sex addicts come together to discuss the harsh realities of their addictions and underlying feelings that they might have. A supportive surrounding is helpful for all who are suffering from addictions. If a support group scenario does not seem helpful to the specific addict, there are a number of counselors will sit down and talk about the sexual addiction with the addict. Furthermore, with education on healthy sexual practices, as well as, healthy relationship advice, a sex addict can slowly make way in recovery. Sexual addiction is a condition that can affect a number of different people. Understanding the seriousness of sexual addiction is important for the road of recovery. Sexual addicts have many factors stacked against them, but can overcome the addiction with help.
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