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Drug Addiction
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Herbal Supplements

A herbal supplement can be found to address almost any human condition. Herbal supplements have been being used since the very beginning of human civilization. At the onset of civilization, however, there was no such thing as a herbal supplement. Instead, all medicine was herbal. No distinction was made between herbal supplements and medicines, since all medicines were herbal. The phrase herbal supplement is a relatively recent development, reflecting the fact that traditional medicine and traditional medications

have largely been developed through chemistry and chemical manipulation. Herbal supplements have come to mean items, such as ginger or ginseng, that are taken unadulterated due to their supposed medical effect on the human body. In these cases, a herbal supplement is generally believed to convey a positive effect on the body that either cannot be obtained through regular or traditional medicine, or is needlessly complicated through the use of traditional medication. A herbal supplement can have a variety of effects on the human body. However, one of the main, and really only, drawback of using a herbal supplement properly is the potential for interaction with traditional medication.
Therefore, some studies have been undertaken in recent years to examine the potential interactions which are possible to occur between common herbal supplements and some of the most commonly prescribed medications. If a person takes herbal supplements, or is considering starting a herbal supplement, it is important to tell their physician or any other kind of doctor responsible for their care of any herbal supplements that they are taking. This can be important because a herbal supplement can act on the different receptor sites in the body. It is important to realize that not every herbal supplement has been examined for its possible interaction with a drug that a doctor may prescribe.
When taking herbal supplements, the burden lies on the person taking the herbal supplements to inform the physicians who are managing their care of any changes they experience, whether those changes are of a physical, emotional, or psychological nature, since the potential interactions between herbal supplements and medication is varied. It is important to know that herbal supplements are not replacements for traditional drugs, traditional medications, or other traditional medical practices. This is why they are called herbal supplements, not herbal medications, because they are meant to affect the way the medications work, not to replace them.
More than one hundred drugs characterized as traditional medications are derived from herbal supplements. Of these drugs, more than eighty percent of them were used to accomplish the same treatment objectives as the herbal supplements from which they were derived. Herbal supplements can also be used as dietary supplements in order to help individuals obtain nutrients that would otherwise be lacking from their diets.
The discovery of herbal supplements, despite their potentially serious interactions with traditional medication or medical practices are an invaluable discovery, one which provides great benefits to both patients and the doctors responsible for their care.
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