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Beach Bonfire Party

Organizing a beach party is a wonderful way to have fun with your friends at the sea beach. It is the easiest way to unwind yourself after a tiring and exhausting week. As the name suggests, beach party typically includes a bonfire set at night alongside the sea. As this party is very simple and doesn't ask for extra grandeur, it can be arranged quite easily. All you need to do is get a guitar and sing the night away or just tell some thrilling stories and exciting anecdotes to give boost up the party spirits of every one present there.

Check out the ideas for beach bonfire party given below, which will surely make your beach party a rocking affair.

Beach Bonfire Party Ideas

  • A number of themes can be chosen for a beach bonfire party, some of the most popular being the shipwreck theme, Luau theme or the survivor theme. Depending upon the chosen theme, send out invitations to your friends. It is better to invite them personally.

  • You may also send text messages to your friends, regarding the party. Be sure to give all the necessary details regarding the party, including the date, time, venue and additional information such as the dress code and supplies required.

  • After calling up every one, get them settle down at a cozy spot on the beach. Ensure that you start the party after sunset, when the beach is calms and the sea waves become even more aggressive.

  • After everyone has settled down in his/her respective place, assign the task of setting the bonfire to a responsible adult, who is precautious enough to set the bonfire. Ensure that you have enough wood to burn throughout the party.

  • The next thing to consider is the menu for the party. The food and drink usually chosen for a beach bonfire party is kept light.

  •  While deciding the alcoholic beverages (typically champagne, beer and whisky), do not forget to serve soft drinks as well. As far as the food is concerned, you may include snacks and finger foods including sandwich, French fries etc.

  • To spice up the party, get a portable stereo or radio that can provide entertainment, while you gorge on yummy eatables and gaze at the night sky.

  • Make sure that everyone in the party has his/her sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, as the beach tends to get cold during the night.

  • Alcoholic drinks, if taken in moderation, are okay for a beach bonfire party. Do not overdo it as you may lose your senses, do something silly like dance near the bonfire and get yourself burnt.

  • Apart from story telling, music and dance performance and star gazing, a beach party can be even more fun if you come up with funky game ideas to keep yourself and others amused. Some of the most played beach games include relay races, limbo, truth/dare and beach volleyball.

  • Wind off your beach party in the true style by organizing a beach bonfire that will be remembered for ages and bring good memories as time passes by. To serve the purpose, you may present your friends party favors like keepsakes like seashells, straw hats, photo frames, beach towels, scarf, sunglasses etc.


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