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 Engagement Party Decoration

Any party is incomplete without colorful and attractive decorations. For an auspicious occasion like an engagement party, the right choice of decorations becomes even more important. After all, it is the golden occasion in one's life, next to wedding. If you are bestowed with the responsibility of decorating the engagement party venue, then you wouldn't want to see disappointment on the faces of the bride and groom. Therefore, you would ensure that the décor for engagement party is done according to the choice of the couple.

The party decoration should be such that everyone looks around in awe. Here in this article, we bring you plenty of engagement party decoration ideas that will surely give you a brief idea about decorations for engagement party.

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

  • Greet the guests at the entranceway itself, by putting up a welcome banner at the gate. Hang bunches of balloons at the edges of the banner in order to add substance to it. Inside the venue, on the stage, you may put up a banner reading the name of the bride and groom, or a fun slogan regarding the engagement party. Ensure that the slogan written on the banner is big enough to be read from a distance. Choose a bright and sparkling paint for both the slogan.

  • With the growing popularity of party themes, it would be a wonderful idea to decorate the venue with theme-based items. For instance, for a romantic theme, you may use red colored heart-shaped balloons. For a tropical theme, you may make use of bamboos leaves and posters of coconut and palm trees for the venue. In case of a vintage theme party, antique decorative items would be the best bet.

  • Streamers, confetti, balloons and flowers form the essentials of decorating any venue. While choosing the decorative items for the engagement party, ensure that you have chosen them according to the theme of the decor. Be sure not to overcrowd the venue with the decorations

  • A large centerpiece is a must-have for the engagement party, irrespective of the theme. A floral centerpiece would be the best bet, because it suits almost all themes and adds to the grace of the table. Antique centerpieces like copper vase or silver candle stands can also serve as centerpiece for the party. You may also opt for fruit baskets as the centerpiece.

  • In order to spice up the decor and add substance to it, make a collage with loads of photographs of the groom and bride. You may choose the childhood photographs of the individuals or hang the latest pictures of the couple. The collage should be ideally hung in the center of the room, which could draw everyone's attention. Ask your guests to leave fun comments on a sheet that is attached to the collage. It makes a great decoration as well as a keepsake.

  • The use of oversized party items in engagements is in hot trend. You may decorate the venue using novelty oversized plastic rings, ball-and-chain gag items etc, in the venue. Choose a strategic location for the oversized items, so that they are visible, at the same time, not a hindrance to the people moving around the venue.

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