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Engagements Parties

He popped the 'question' and she said 'Yes'! This calls for celebration and the best way to rejoice this special moment is by throwing an engagement party. There is a bit of etiquette associated with engagement party. Traditionally, the party is hosted by the bride's parents. However, over the passing years, people's perception regarding the occasion has changed drastically. Today, even the groom's parents take the responsibility of hosting the party. The bride's close friend can also serve the purpose. If  you are a close contact of the bride and are planning to host the party for the couple,

then you would want to make it as dazzling and sparkling as the new engagement ring that they have showed you. You would want to make the party a memorable event, as special as the moment of proposal. All this calls for proper planning, dedication and of course, a well-formulated budget! Although there are no hard and fast rules for organizing an engagement party, some guidelines will always help you to make the occasion a memorable one. The couple would definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness, if you host a party that has proven to be one they were longing for.
In order to make sure you stand up to the expectations of the couple, we bring you engagement party ideas that will be helpful in planning and organizing your engagement party. Check out our related sections that give unique ideas for engagement parties and get set to rock and roll!

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