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Etiquette Engagement Party

Just like wedding, the engagement ceremony is a very special occasion in one's life. The transition of life, from being single to committed, deserves an announcement, which should be done in a very special way. Throwing a party is a nice way to greet the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. An engagement party, whether held during or after the engagement, should be made a very memorable one. Though there are no such golden rules for engagement party, some etiquette should be kept in mind, while planning the engagement party.

Check out the engagement party etiquettes in the following lines.

Etiquette For Engagement Party

  • Engagement parties are usually held after the engagement, before the wedding. People usually keep the engagement party at least a couple of months prior to wedding. In some cases, the engagement party is thrown fortnight or a week before the wedding.

  • The party is generally informal than the wedding, therefore, it is better to arrange a small party or a get-together of family members, close friends and relatives. Invite your close circle of friends and relatives first, and then go further to invite your faraway acquaintances, in case the party is beyond being a small get together.

  • It used to be a private affair, which was hosted by the parents of bride-to-be. Either they host a dinner party or a cocktail party, during which, the father of the bride-to-be announces the engagement of their daughter, officially. Trend has changed over the past few years.

  • Today, anyone close to the family, say, a relative or a close friend, can host the party. In some families, the groom's parents also do not hesitate to host the party.

  • The guest for the party should be invited well in advance. The best way to invite your guests is to extend them invitations in person. If you want to invite long distance acquaintance, then you may send the invitations. As an etiquette, you don't have to invite everyone who is not invited to the wedding. On the other hand, etiquette dictates that you should not invite anyone to the engagement party, who is not invited to the wedding.
  • Bride's home is chosen as the venue for the majority of engagement parties. However, there is not golden rule for the venue. You can also arrange it in a restaurant, club or a resort, depending upon the number of guests and your budget for the party.
  • Gifts are usually not entertained by the future bride and groom. However, if someone brings a gift, the engaged couple should accept it, in return of which, they should extend a token of gratitude (a simple thank you or a return gift) to the gift giver. The bride's parents usually raise a toast in the honor of the bride and groom, which either is done at the end or just before the food is served.

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