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Chapped Dry Lips

Chapped lips are the result of diminished moisture in the skin on and around the lips. In most cases, chapped lips are caused by the elements. However, other factors, such as frequent licking of the lips or an allergic reaction, may be the cause. Chapped lips is a common condition and can be treated fairly simply. Chapped lips are marked by dry, cracked, painful lips and may result in a red ring around the mouth. In the summer, the sun can be responsible for chapped lips, but routine use of a Lip Balm containing sunscreen can prevent summertime chapped lips.

In the wintertime, chapped lips are a more common problem, because the air is dry and the cold wind further dries the lips out. Many people lick their lips to relieve the dryness, making the problem worse. Just as in the summertime, treating chapped lips in the winter can make use of a   moisturizing lip balm containing sunscreen. Petroleum Jelly or beeswax based lip balm is effective in preventing chapped lips. In the event that chapped lips become a severe problem, such as with habitual licking, and the redness, cracking and dryness become so painful that talking or chewing is difficult, you should use a medicated lip balm.

Avoid using flavored lip balm, as it can encourage more frequent licking of the lips, especially in children. Frequent and regular application of lip balm often relieves chapped lips without further incident.

Other ways to prevent chapped lips include increasing the humidity in your home and covering your lips with a ski mask or scarf in the winter. Frequent washing of the mouth followed by application of lip balm also helps alleviate the discomfort associated with chapped lips. In some cases, a prescription lip balm may be required if the symptoms are not alleviated with regular treatment or if chapped lips become so severe that the skin begins to bleed.

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