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How to Treat the Wound

The wound happens to be very close to the fingernail, so if the nail accidentally collides with any object, it can worsen, even to the point of infection. You will have to treat the nail with care and do the necessary measures to clean and disinfect the wound if you are looking forward to an early recovery. Upon splitting your nail, you should wash it with any antibacterial soap and water. Wipe the water off completely using a hand towel. When your hands are completely dry, you can apply an ample amount of anti-inflammatory ointment on the split nail.

Spread it across the nail to minimize the risk of infection. Wrap it in a bandage to keep germs and foreign objects from entering. You can repeat it every day until the wound is completely cured. Remember for serious cases you should consult a doctor. Sometimes the washing and anti- inflammatory ointment alone wonít work. You need to watch out for blood beneath the nail or pus coming out or if you have pain or numbness. In all these cases, visit a doctor immediately.

How to Prevent Split Nails

  • Wear gloves while handling sharp and heavy things.
  • Try to keep your nails short.
  • Apply nail polish that is formulated to strengthen your nails. Try to reduce the use of nail polish.
  • Try using wooden items instead of sharp metal ones as it can split your nail open if accidentally collides with something.
  • Wear gloves while washing clothes or washing the dishes as harmful chemicals in detergents can harm the nails by softening it. Even while using a toilet bowl cleaner or acid you need to be cautious as all these can cause nail erosion.
  • Do not take your nails for granted as a bottle cap opener.
  • Use nail creams as often to keep your nails and the area surrounding your cuticles moist.
  • Avoid using nail polish remover more than twice a month, as the alcohol in the remover will erode the nail, causing nail to split.

  • Once you start taking good care of your fingers, the chances of having split nails would dramatically reduce.

Tips To Care For Your Nails

  • No amount of nail colors or hand massage will help, if you have grubby, sooty nails! Before you get down to pampering your nails, get hold of a brush, spray some soap on it and gently chafe your claws. Slather your hands with a mild soap, generously rubbing the lather on your wrists, in between your fingers and nails. Scrub the nails with a toothbrush, in small circular movements, to get rid of accumulated dirt inside them. Rinse them off with tepid water, for a squeaky fresh feeling. Pat them dry.

  • Once clean, your hand is all set for some sumptuous indulgence. Grab your favorite hand moisturizer. Even olive oil, yoghurt, olive oil, warm milk and lemon juice will do fine. Squirt a little on your palms and gently massage your hands, moving from palms to fingers and nails and back to your palm. Massaging hydrates your skin and boosts blood circulation. Result - glossy, healthy nails!

  • Long nails may look oh-so-hot, but if healthy nails are what you are looking for, itís best advisable to keep the length moderate. Trim your nails to desired length and file the ends in a single direction, to prevent painful nail splits and brittle edges. Rub on some cuticle cream or lip balm over the cuticles and once they are softened, use a Q-tip to gently push the frayed cuticles behind.

  • If brittle nails are a concern for you, treating them with extra virgin olive oil may help. Soak your talons in olive oil for 10-15 minutes every day, for around a month. This wonderful indulgence would get you rid of damaged, week and peeling nails.

  • Regular exposure to harsh water and powerful suds can cause your claws to fry, spit and peel. Remember to put on gloves every time you head for the kitchen sink or even gardening. Soil can also dry up your nails and make them look grimy and parched.

  • Nail art is huge fun. Just pick up your favorite shade of nail enamel, put on your creative caps and get going! However, if you are staying indoors, a clear gloss may be just fine. Overuse of strong nail enamels often leads to discoloring of nail. Stick to lighter shades for everyday wear. Nude shades are a huge rage. Go for them!

  • Drinking water not just keeps toxins at bay and your skin glowing, it is known to boost your nail health as well. Water hydrates your nails, keeping them glowing all the way. Donít forget to gorge on biotin-rich foods, like livers, eggs, whole grains and avocados, for great looking nails.

  • Keep away from nail polish removers that contain acetone. Acetone is seriously damaging to your nails. Also avoid using your nails to open cans or lids or other tasks. You will be doing your nails a big favor that way!

Basic Nail Care Tips

  • To get rid of brittle nails, soak it in a bowl of warm water with few drops of lemon juice added to it. Do it for 15 minutes twice a week to have healthy long nails.
  • Drink lots of water and include lot of fresh vegetables and salad in the diet to have shiny and healthy nails.
  • Chose the right kind of filer to shape your nails. Avoid using metal nail filers as it can rip nails. Lay your hands on wood nail filer or emery boards that are inexpensive and would need frequent replacing. You can also use crystal glass filers that can shape both natural and artificial nails. Moreover it can be easily be sterilized with hot water.
  • Harden your soft nails by soaking them in warm oil for about 20 minutes every alternate day.
  • Donít remove cuticle from the nail as it will make them susceptible to infections. Instead it can be pushed backward using good quality cuticle oil or orangewood stick.
  • Try using non- acetone polish removers to remove the nail polish and avoid using it for more than once a week. You can also go for peel- off nail paint that can be removed whenever you want a change.
  • Always dry the nails after bath or washing the hands and apply lotion as the soap makes it dry and easy to break.
  • Wearing darker shades of nail paint often discolor the natural nail color hence you should always apply the base coat that would prepare the nails for colored polish.
  • Let your nails breathe by giving them break from nail paint from time to time as an unattractive, yellow tint will develop on the nails.
  • Before going for a meeting or presentation, apply and rub petroleum jelly to the nails and then rub it again with a soft cloth. This will make them shine and look healthy.
  • If you binge on biting your nails every now and then, stop it immediately as it will not damage your nails and cuticle but will also grip you in the clutches of many diseases.
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